JCL Safety Services is a fully integrated safety services company who can quickly respond to cover the most extensive and demanding projects anywhere in the world.  Our success is measured by our clients in the reduction of incidents, cost-effective solutions and continuous improvements in their safety, environmental and health processes.

Certified Safety Professionals

With over 30 years experience, our CSP’s have the experience to walk along side you and provide expert support for your toughest challenges including major project reviews, safety culture surveys, accident investigation and many other forms of assistance.

Hole/Fire Watch Service

“We’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before” exclaimed a safety manager after experiencing the effective process that we provide for managing this most important of services.  The training, organization, staffing of experience, and implementation are what makes our services in this category, “second to none”.

Process Safety Reviews Facility Siting

Time to update your process safety information?  Need to conduct a Facility Siting for a new control room?  Facilitate a HAZOP? We have the experienced people to handle your requirements

Safety Equipment

JCL Safety Services can supply your safety equipment needs to complete your project on-time and within budget. We enable you to completely outsource your safety services requirements on-site and efficiently.

Fall Protection
Fire Extinguishers/Hoses/Equipment
Gas Detection Equipment/Personal Monitors
Nomex, FRC
Respiratory Protection
First Aid Supplies/Stations
Chemical Protective Clothing

Turnaround Safety Planning

Half day session with the industry’s leading Turnaround Safety Expert will guide your team into development of a guided Plan for Safety Success in your upcoming turnaround

Medical Services Respirator Fit Testing

Why risk a recordable injury by having a minor injury turn into a major?  Our team of paramedics are seasoned professionals who are trained in the OSHA recordkeeping rules and realize the importance of medical case management from notification to course of treatment.  Call us for your next major project for 24/7 First Aid coverage

Confined Space Rescue Services

Day-to-Day operations and rescue services are one thing, but in a major outage, when multiple confined space scenarios are underway, what if there is a problem in more than one area of your facility?  Do you have the trained and experienced staff to manage multiple events effectively?  Let us partner with you for peace of mind

Safety Supervisors/Permit Writers

These Safety Pro’s have worked in many of the major refineries around the world in supplementing safety staffs during major outages, capital projects, and disaster recovery.

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Our CIH and monitoring personnel are experienced in a variety of situations including re-starts after major hurricanes, routine monitoring and categorization of information following a rugged day of sampling.  We can also supplement your facility staff as needed.

Pre-Startup Safety Planning/Inspection

We will provide personnel to work with your project team to conduct a review of new processes, identify risks and appropriate mitigation strategies.  On the ground safety support through successful commissioning is essential for project success.

 Our commitment is to partner with you for success.  We develop long-term client relationships built on trust and sealed with quality service.

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